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Downton Tabby PDF DJVU von Chris Kelly 978-1476765945

A parody of the worldwide television phenomenon Downton Abbey, with cats.Downton Tabby is about England's oldest and finest family of cats in people clothes. With beautiful (and scandalous) photographs and art, it tells the story of their lives and loves-and their maids and butlers and cooks' lives and loves-from the sinking of the Kitanic to the Jazz Age. Tolstoy's adage about each family being unhappy in their own way? What makes the Grimalkins different is they're cats.Posh, spoiled, stuck-up-but-charming, English cats.Okay, it's not just about cats and class warfare. It's also a parody of Downton Abbey, the phenomenally popular TV show where everyone's always getting dressed. Or they're already dressed, and they're getting more dressed.While it makes affectionate fun of Downton Abbey, it makes a broader humorous point: We treat our cats like high society. Their servants are us. If you live with a cat,...
Downton Tabby Kostenlose Buch-Downloads 2012
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  • Ursprünglicher Titel: Downton Tabby
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  • ISBN: 978-1476765945
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Downton Tabby Kostenlose Buch-Downloads 2012

Downton Tabby PDF DJVU von Chris Kelly 978-1476765945:

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